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бразильское джиу-джитсу

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Moscow

Club 187 BJJ  specializes in providing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction in Moscow for competitors and recreational practitioners alike in a safe and well equipped private club. We are the only one academy focused solemnly on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Gi, No-Gi). 187 BJJ provides not only a place to get a workout, but one that creates a way to get in shape in a team environment while learning a highly technical martial art with one-on-one coaching and constant goal setting. 

187 BJJ CLUB  offers a place for adults as well as kids to build themselves physically, enhance cognitive skills, learn self-defense or even become a champion. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a fast growing sport for both men and women regardless of size or physical ability level. Through an individualized approach, every student will be challenged to reach toward their full potential while reaping the incredible enjoyment and fulfillment that the sport has to offer. 

187 BJJ Method was elaborated to incite the maximum growth of each student while showing only the most effective and current techniques used at the highest levels. Classes at 187 BJJ CLUB provide a learning experience with a more individualized and hands-on approach taught by experienced and competition-proven instructors. The teaching approach used by the academy is been shaped  by Moscow based instructors and acting champions – Professor Ali Magomedov  and Professor Vlaidslav Losev.

BJJ Moscow

We recognize that each student and their definition of success is unique. In 187 BJJ CLUB every student will be guided toward their unique goals through fair feedback and positive reinforcement. Whether a student wishes to become a champion, learn self-defense or simply lose weight and improve overall physical conditioning, 187 BJJ can help them achieve just that. Our mission is to  help every practioner of jiu-jitsu  to maintain focus and gain the most from their training.